non come gli altri

I smile and I hope and I have to believe when I wake up every morning there is a reason for each day. Texas Tech grad, lover of bacon, and still searching for that something I'd give it all up just to do.
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Oh Benji you shouldn’t have. Getting my ring cleaned so I had to replace it for the next month lol

Best Monday I’ve had in a while #allthenoms (at Chick-fil-A Victoria)

Rest assured @jgarza621 made my freaking month with her awesomeness #garzagoeswest

So stinking cute #MaxAndDiesel

Someone fell asleep with his toy #toocute #MaxAndDiesel

#tbt to when this happened

My snuggle bugs #MaxAndDiesel

I have one hot date tonight! #thehubs ♡

Just call me @afbucky cuz I’m hulking out #hulk #saywhat

The fluffy path of destruction #MaxAndDiesel

My couch potato friend is making this ac that much better

Thanks @karen.lopez808 for the new k cups! Now with the air back on, I feel like using the kitchen again.