non come gli altri

I smile and I hope and I have to believe when I wake up every morning there is a reason for each day. Texas Tech grad, lover of bacon, and still searching for that something I'd give it all up just to do.
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Being an adult is hard.

#latergram #texassunsets

Happy birthday buddy! May we always be this awesome.

Got my new glasses in. Picked out these bad boys woth my eyes completely dialated. Not bad for not being able to see.

Guard dog Max just watching the birds #dogsofinstagram

My latest #paleoherewego masterpiece balsamic glazed salmon

it is now :)

New tat

Salsa much? Yup tacos were a win too

#paleoherewego tortillas were a win!

@jemmm_0 fave bacon balsamic asparagus #allthenoms